Diversity Charters - Exploring the Kimberley


We travel throughout the entire Kimberley region of Western Australia and so we get to see a lot of this part of the world. Be one of a small number of people to experience the wonderment of some of our most popular destinations:

Koolan Island

Koolan Island is just one of about 1000 islands that make up the Buccaneer Archipelago. It was first pearls that drew distant travellers here and then iron ore. The island used to be home to one of Western Australia's richest iron ore mines. At one stage the raw ore was said to be so pure that it was possible to weld rocks together.

Montgomery Reef

Watch in wonderment as the reef rises out of the ocean and the water cascading into the channel which has been carved out by the tidal activity over millions of years.  A memory forever etched, see for yourself what a photo cannot capture in its entirety -  the vastness of the area,  the wildlife, including turtles, dugongs and birdlife at feeding time.Destinations

Talbot Bay

Tides in Talbot Bay are up to 11 metres and are among some of the biggest in the world, and certainly the largest in Australia. Surging up rivers and ripping through inland passages, these tides create such phenomena as the horizontal waterfall in Talbot Bay. Here the tide rushes through the gaps in the cliff which are only a few metres wide forming the effect of a horizontal waterfall.

Diversity Charter Company take this opportunity to thank their professional crew for their impeccable incident free record (6 years so far) whilst taking our passengers on the adventure ride through the falls.

Raft Point

View the awesome sight of a gallery of Aboriginal Art that tells a visual story of an ancient race of water people that lived in the area thousands of years ago.

Kings Cascades

King's Cascades are located on the mighty Prince Regent River in the Kimberley region and are picturesque waterfalls cascading over striking terraced rock formations. A view not to be missed just after wet season (April/May).

Mitchell River

See Mitchell River from above*!  Join our "Once in a Blue Moon Experience" charter and you can take home the memories of seeing this amazing set of waterfalls in this area. A very popular fishing location and the helicopter ride is a must. helicopter flights not included in price, prices may vary depending on numbers)

Bradshaw Paintings (Gwion Gwion)

Named after Joseph Bradshaw who was the first European to record these incredible rock paintings some of which have been dated at over 17,000 years old, and is thought, in some cases, to predate the Wandijina figures. These paintings are found in a number of locations around the Mitchell River area and further north.

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